New YA Romance Series!

I posted this already on the tweeter and on my Facebook page, but of course I need to make it blog official–and give you some more details (as I know them).

First of all, the big news is that I’m going to be writing a 3-book ebook series for Entangled Crush. The series is set in a small, fictional Minnesota town, which is a Christmas tourist trap. People travel from miles around to meet Santa and drink eggnog and take selfies with the reindeer. My initial idea for the series sparked when I decided I wanted to write a YA romance novel that reads like a Hallmark Christmas movie. That Christmas book is going to be the third in the series.

The other two books are also set in the Christmas-themed town, but they take place 1) in the doldrums of post-holiday winter, heading into spring and 2) summer vacation.

Each book follows a different (young adult) couple on their journey toward falling in love, but, since it’s a series, the same characters pop into and out of the various stories. The town is populated with quirky characters, who are deep into the town’s traditions and politics, making it (hopefully) feel like a lived-in universe. (My role models: Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls or Pawnee in Parks & Rec.)

I’m really excited about these books (if you couldn’t tell), and I’m so jazzed to be working with Kate Brauning again. She edited my first novel, The Sound of Us, which you should read. It’s not like Gilmore Girls, but you’ll still enjoy it.

The big difference between this book and the first one is that it took me about seven years to publish TSOU. The first one in this series will be published about seven months after I first started writing it. So…that’s a little scary, but I’m up to the challenge. I’m writing like a fiend right now. Take that, George RR Martin.

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